The brain and our intellect are remarkable. We know so much - but the thing is, the more we know, the more we discover there is to know.

And isn't it true that so often, using all our knowledge, thinking and evaluation, we still end up not feeling right about something or making a huge mistake?

This applies to all things, but particularly when we feel drawn to seek insight into the deeper questions of life, like; this action, job or relationship right for me? ...what's my purpose?

There are endless methods, concepts, theories and ideas about every aspect of how to cope with the challenges of life, and sometimes they make sense or seem true for a while, but eventually more questions always come. 

The simple fact is, thinking and knowledge have their limits.

Albert Einstein said: 

“I never came upon any of my discoveries through the process of rational thinking.”

So how do we go beyond just relying on the mind and intellect?

Can we trust our intuition, or some kind of higher inspiration?

Well, one thing is certain, deeper insight will always escape us until we can somehow set thinking aside enough to gain access to whatever the complete knowing of our total self can access.

Once we can let the mind relax its grip on wanting to analyse everything, we get in touch with the fuller dimensions - and this often called knowing from the heart - not of course literally the physical heart, but the center of our being.

The 'heart knowing' is always present, and although easy to ignore because there are rarely clear facts to back up what we sense, how often, looking back, was what we felt in our heart right after all?