It's always a balance between head and heart.
Head = 'mind' = thinking (influenced by the ego aspect of mind)
Heart = 'intuition' = feelings (inclined towards selflessness and kindness)

We have been conditioned to believe that 'feelings' are less valuable than rational thought.
But our 'heart' has access to a 'deeper intuitive intelligence'.

With decisions that are not obvious, we need to allow 'space' for that 'deeper intuitive intelligence' to surface.
When our head is full of thoughts, the more subtle impulses of the heart cannot be heard.

The other vital ingredient is patience.
Never forcing a decision - just leaving it alone - usually results in it simply becoming obvious what to do.
If this doesn't happen, then just before the final deadline, we can go with what feels most beneficial for all involved - or literally do not decide!
Not deciding - just deferring the decision - is very often an option - even if the mind says 'get on with it'.

It is incredible how, when we leave a decision - put it out of our mind - or even not decide at all - how a resolution materialises in an unexpected way - and we immediately recognise how 'right' it feels!