Let me start with a question...

When you feel calm and happy, is your mind full of thoughts and feelings about all the bad things that may happen in the future?

I'm assuming it is not?

When we are not thinking about difficult things we experienced in the past, or worrying about what could happen in the future, we are calm and happy.

But these calm and happy times can be short-lived or rare.

What we want is for our inner state to stay calm and happy for longer, and for this experience to deepen.

"Life is hard, then we die." 😫😂

The ego - our sense of self - 'who we are' - experiences all the difficulties of life.

And, deep down, the ego feels the threat of what may happen - and eventually will.

The problem is, we have habitually been getting on board with these types of ego thoughts and feelings.

They pop into our mind - and - like a commuter who unconsciously gets on the same train day after day - we get on board without realising we have.

Then we get carried along, down the track into worry, stress or anxiety.

Habitually doing this for years leads to this constant background feeling of unease.

And over a long period, it damages our health.

But we do have a choice - we can break this habit.