Powerful repetitive thoughts and feelings change our perception of life and the world. 

When a thought or feeling arises into our conscious awareness, attention goes to it instantly. 

Although we may not be able to sense thoughts and feelings at energy, that's what they are. 

Difficult or painful thoughts and feelings have a downward energy - a depressive energy.

Depression is a state where we are possessed by the energy of painful thoughts and feelings.

Depression is like a dark fog in the mind, with no apparent way through or beyond.

The fog possesses, engulfs, overwhelms - drains us - and the darkness our thoughts and feelings are of confusion, hopeless and fear.

This inner experience is very common - it can be short-lived, it may come and go, or last for years.

Whatever the cause, it is in our mind where it lives.

So, what to do?

We must move attention away from all thoughts and feelings that are downward, obsessive or bring on the depression, the instant they begin to arise into our conscious awareness.

There is a practice that can be learned which may help - it is actually very simple - but it does not claim to be a quick fix - it requires commitment and perseverance.

The practice is explained in a spoken contemplation you can listen to by clicking here.