This is a short meditation designed for when you first wake up in the morning.

Sit upright, back unsupported.

Settle into that position.

Focus on your breath.

Three deep in breaths - hold and release.


The day ahead will no doubt be bringing the attention

of your mind out of the

sleep state into the active, into the present.

Just for these few minutes.

Rest in the fully awake, but non-thinking state.

It is not essential to do anything this moment, other than - look at what there is behind thought.

In the absence of thought...what's there?

Seek out the space behind thought.

Through that space comes creativity, clarity, non-reaction - all the things you need

to deal with day-to-day experiences, most effectively.

Feel the emptiness behind thought.

Remember this state.

Commit to coming back to it throughout the day whenever there is a sense of being overwhelmed

or you need a short break from the stresses difficulties that you may encounter.

This space is always there.

Always available.

Feel it one more time.

Now come back into the body, fully into the mind, ready for a productive day ahead.