When you become aware of an unwanted thought-feeling...

...immediately force attention into a new thought-feeling of a place where you feel relaxed and at peace.

Transport yourself to that place.

Be there fully.

Exclude the unwanted thought-feeling over and over.

Keep returning to the feeling of the relaxed place.

Once this has become steady...

Sense what's in the background, to that feeling of the relaxed place.

An empty, open, pure spaciousness.

Over and over - every time an unwanted thought-feeling comes...


Go to the relaxing place.

Feel it deeply.

Sense what's in the background.

Merge with it.

Stay in the emptiness.

Feel it.

Become it.

In time this will become automatic and instant.

The moment an unwanted thought-feeling arises, you step into the emptiness, sink into the emptiness and stay there.