As 'Spiritual' Awakening progresses, our conscious awareness continues to 'expand'.

As we explore, perhaps through 'spiritual practices' like meditation, yoga, prayer or contemplation, most find that the 'fog' burns off faster - and it may even occasionally seem to vanish altogether. 

Our perception may reach into realms we had little or no prior knowledge of - or we may become aware of previously unconscious facets of our mind.

Inwardly, we may discover a 'spaciousness', 'emptiness', 'stillness' or 'presence', that is 'in the background' to our thoughts, feelings and sensations.

Some people develop refined perception of 'energies' in or around the body, some have visions or see and experience realities that defy description. 

These, and many other phenomena, may come into our awareness.

However, until 'Spiritual' Awakening has progressed a 'long way', our normal day-to-day inner experience of thoughts, feelings and sensations, and the demands of the outer physical life, continue to be most dominant in our conscious awareness.

One thing that is universally true, is that once 'Spiritual' Awakening has begun, it always progresses and deepens over time.

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